Allsep's History

From humble beginings…

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Allsep’s Pty Ltd is an Australian company that has been manufacturing quality confectionery for the grocery, route and contract packing trade for more than 70 years. The company business has spanned four generations.

Back in 1880, William Allsep Senior and his wife Alice began making boiled sweets and selling them directly to the public in Birmingham, England. They operated their business beneath a pavilion, which was part of a sports arena known as “The Bull Ring”. William was once described as the first man to roll toffee into sticks, cut alternatively at 90 degrees, forming what is today called a cushion. He was also recognized as the original maker of the world renowned “Bulls eyes”.

Call of confectionery

William and Alice migrated from Westwood in Birmingham to Sydney, Australia, in 1888. Here he was compelled to try other professions in order to support his family. After a few years the confectionery business lured him back and he relocated to Wollongong to start his very own confectionery company.

Four commercial travellers, including Wally Allsep, were the first to drive a car through their sales territory. A “first” it may have been, but hardly a success. In a hired Renault, they travelled from Sydney to Bega on the East Coast of New South Wales. The next leg of their journey involved the crossing of “Big Brown Mountain” to Cooma.

Death of a sales car

Pessimistic crowds gathered outside the local hotel to bid them farewell with warnings of hazardous terrain and possible danger. “You’ll never make it”, they cried…and they didn’t!

Plagued by a series of punctures, the last of which occurred at the foot of “Big Brown Mountain”, they finally referred to the Renault handbook of motoring for a solution. Prompted by the determination of a Scot in the party, the driver was sent to gather hay to tightly pack the tyres for appropriate traction.

Despite this ingenious procedure involving each of them in tedious manual labour, the hay did not hold. Subsequently, they returned to the hotel in Bega and shipped the car, and the driver, back to Sydney. In those days there were no trains and shipping played a major role in serving coastal districts.

A family business

In 1934, Wally decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, and established a manufacturing company, Allsep’s Pty Ltd, in Richmond, Victoria. He also enlisted the services of his 18-year-old son, Don.

In 1945, they ventured into the starch-moulded work, which has now become the only confectionery produced by Allsep’s today. By the early 1970’s, William’s self-named business, Allsep’s, had secured its position and began structuring itself as a successful “family run” company with great potential. Further technological advances provided a premium product and it was not long before consistent company growth was achieved.

Success down under

In 1982, a one-hectare block of land was purchased in South Oakleigh, Victoria, with the view to design and build a factory to cater for the increased demand. The company has spent 70 years of manufacturing and supplying quality jelly confectionery to the Australian market.

Allsep’s are now one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Private Label Jellies and Grained Mallow Bananas to Woolworth’s, Coles Group, Metcash, ALDI and a number of smaller independent retailers.

A balanced diet

Allsep’s is conscious of the need to provide families and children with delicious treats that can be part of a balanced diet. “Most jellies contain up to 45 per cent added cane sugar. However, Yummiees’ Low GI jellies have forsaken the ‘spoonful of sugar’ sentiment and utilised fruit syrup to create a naturally delicious alternative.” says Andy Allsep, third generation owner of Allsep’s.

Distribution is carried out across Australia and now includes the development of an export arm to the business.

Whether it is traditional jelly confectionery, the new and exciting Yummiees’ Low GI Jelly or contract manufacturing, the high level of consistent growth of Allsep’s is projected to continue for many years to come. With continued expansion and updating of its product range and level of distribution, Allsep’s is sure to enjoy a sweet future in the Australian and global confectionery business.